Since 1962, the Construction Industry Center has made available to the members and their employees a major medical type of Health Insurance Plan. This plan has proved to be one of the most comprehensive catastrophic health insurance programs in the industry. It’s available with dental to all our active/full members regardless of how many employees they have. Both plans promote preventive care, and include reimbursement of expenses for major services. There are no claim forms to complete. Just present your I.D. Card to any participating doctor, pharmacist or dentist. There is also available a group life insurance plan that is designed to fit the basic needs of the members and their employees. The Construction Industry Center has found through the years that many of our members cannot afford private health or dental insurance. These affordable plans are available to all of our members as an additional service.

Our current Group Health Insurance Provider is Dakota Care    Delta Dental
and our Dental Insurance Provider is Delta Dental.
Both Plans are Serviced By Carver Insurance
3202 W. Main , Ste. B, Rapid City, SD 57702
(605) 348-7410 (800)348-3130

Did you know...
DAKOTACARE clients enjoy offering their employees flexible health insurance options, such as monthly deductibles, along with the most comprehensive network of physicians, pharmacies and hospitals in South Dakota. Providing flexible benefits and access to a wide gamete of provider options creates happier, healthier employees and helps promote a positive work environment.

                    DAKOTACARE has all the “tools” you need for your health insurance.

• Health (group and individual options) • dental
• long and short term disability • vision
• life • FLEX and Cobra.

All these and more are included our toolbox of insurance options. With a full line-up of health plan options, we can help determine which are best suited for you, your family or your employees. 

Contact us today to see learn more about all of DAKOTACARE’s flexible health care options



      Below is the summary of benefit for the 2013 Delta Dental Plan Year.

Delta Dental of South Dakota

Group #2160

Construction Industry Center

Summary of Benefits

(Please refer to the handbook for more detailed benefits)

% Paid by

Delta Dental


Check-Ups and Routine Teeth Cleaning ( Diagnostic and Preventive Services)

- Routine examinations - two per coverage year.

- Routine dental prophylaxis (cleaning) - two per coverage year.

- Bitewing x-rays - two per coverage year up to age 19, and once per coverage year age 19 and over.

- Full mouth/panoramic x-rays - one in any five-year interval.

- Fluoride applications - two per coverage year up to age 19.

- Space maintainers, fixed (band type) on primary posterior teeth up to age 14.

- Dental sealants - once for unrestored 1st and 2nd permanent molars of children up to age 16.


Cavity Repair/Fillings and Tooth Extractions ( Routine and Restorative Services)

- Pre-formed or stainless steel restorations and restorations such as silver (amalgam) fillings, and tooth-colored (composite) fillings.
   If a tooth-colored filling is used to restore back (posterior) teeth, benefits are limited to the amount paid for a silver filling.

- Extractions, other oral surgery, and emergency treatment for relief of pain.


Root Canals ( Endodontics) and Gum and Bone Diseases ( Periodontics)

- Root canals and treatment of diseases of the tissues supporting the teeth.


Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, and Dental Implants ( Major Services)

- Crowns when teeth cannot be restored with another filling material.

- Prosthetics - bridges, partial dentures, complete dentures, and dental implants.


Braces ( Orthodontics)

- Treatment necessary for the proper alignment of teeth.

Deductible: $25 per person per coverage year not to exceed $75 per family. The deductible does not apply to diagnostic and preventive services.

Annual Maximum Benefit: $1,500 per person per coverage year. All services are subject to the annual maximum benefit and will not be paid if your annual maximum benefit has been reached.

Coverage Year: January - December

New employees will be eligible on the first day of the month following their employer’s probationary period.

Dependent children will be covered to age 26.

2013 Monthly Rates: Single  $41.40     Family   $100.84


This dental plan is based on the employer paying 100% of the single cost as an employee benefit. All eligible employees must be enrolled. The group must have a minimum of two employees.