AGC Apprenticeship Programs

Registered apprenticeships are high-quality workbased learning and post-secondary earnand-learn models. The apprenticeships meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor

During the apprenticeship programs, the apprentice receives both structured, On-TheJob Training (OJT) and job-related education. For each year of the apprenticeship, the apprentice will normally receive 2,000 hours of On-The-Job Training and a recommended minimum of 144 hours of related classroom instruction.

The length of an apprenticeship program can vary depending on the employer, complexity of the occupation, and the type of program. Registered apprenticeship programs typically range from one year to four years.

 AGC’s apprenticeship programs range from 2-4 years. Apprenticeships usually get paid on a graduated scale as their skills and experience increases, and of course learns a trade at the same time. For more details check out our booklet on Apprenticeships! Contact AGC to get your own copy. Objectives of the apprenticeships are; Develop skilled workers through related instruction and formal on-the-job training Train workers who will remain a part of the state’s construction workforce Provide opportunities for the training and upgrading of minorities, females, disadvantaged individuals and assist contractors in meeting their affirmative action plans.

 I’m ready to Earn While I Learn! How do I get started?

Pick your Career:

Commercial Carpentry

Heavy Equipment Operation

Concrete Finisher

Meet the following basic qualifications:

Age – Shall be at least 18 years of age.

Physical – Shall be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the occupation without endangering the health and safety of themselves and/or fellow workers.

Aptitudes – Shall possess the aptitudes essential for acquiring the skills and proficiency of the trade.

Education – Shall possess sufficient educational knowledge to satisfactorily complete the on the job training and related technical instruction. 

Applicants selected for an apprenticeship that does not possess a high school diploma or a GED shall be required to complete high school or obtain a GED prior to completion of the apprenticeship.

Be employed by a contractor of  AGC of South Dakota: To join one of the AGC specific Apprenticeships you must be employed by a member of AGC of SD. If you are currently employed and not sure if your employer is a member of AGC just ask. If you are looking for work and interested in these Apprenticeships just call AGC of SD and we can connect you to members that participate in this program.  If you are employed by an AGC member that is not involved with our Apprenticeship program and may have questions have them contact AGC of SD for more info on our Apprenticeships


For more information visit the If you should have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michael O’Neal at 605-951-1665 or

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AETech Electrical Training Center Apprenticeship Program


This is a somewhat un-conventional approach to an apprenticeship program as we are offering this as a full-time day-time 40-hour per week class for one month each year over a 4-year apprenticeship rather than the traditional one night per-week approach. This allows the apprentice to come to class full time for a month during a slower season, then not be committed to a weekly class schedule. This approach is being taken in some other states. If we receive enough demand for night classes, we would also be interested in offering them.  

This class can also be taken as a pre-employment training, much as a Vo-Tech school, with the exception that it can be completed in four months and costs less than half as much. The attractive thing about it is there are no general education classes, just the core technical curriculum. The four month option is approved by the VA for funding as well as the WIA and is accepted by the WY State Electrical Board for their required Apprenticeship classes. This program is highlighted at

Our 4 month Electrical In-Class Day Time Apprentice Training program will consist of (4) One month Blocks-Our Apprentice Training Program can be completed in as little as 4 months compared to a typical Technical School 2 year program!


▪ Completion Certificate per level 1,2,3,and 4 Electrical Training

▪ Green Technology Certificate

▪ CPR Certification

▪ Construction Safety and Health OSHA 10 hour Training

 Blocks (A,B,C and D) may be taken individually once per year or

                         ▪ (2) Blocks in a Year

                          -Twice a Semester, back to back- in a 2 month period.

                          - Once a Semester, example - Block (A) then Block (B)

                          following semester- typically 6 months later when cycle starts over.

                          ▪ Or All 4 Blocks in a Year back to back in a 4 month period.

                           - ( Blocks must be completed in consecutive order)


• Each Block (A,B,C and D) are 160 hours each of in class training with Electrical labs for a total of 640 hours ( 8 hour per day)

• In-class training will prepare you with knowledge to advance for on the job training as an Electrical Apprentice.

• After completion of our In Class Training, 4-years of on the job work experience as an Apprentice Electrician is required to qualify you to take the Journeymen State license exam.

• Job Placement assistance will consist of placing your Resume with our Data Base of Registered Electrical Contractors in the 4 State Region.

Apprentice Training Class Schedule

For more information please visit our website at


SD Association of PHCC and Western Dakota Tech Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

WDT’s Corporate Education Center conducts apprenticeship training programs approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training.  Apprenticeship works because it is one of the most effective ways to meet the workforce needs of business and prepare workers with in-demand skills in almost any industry.  Apprenticeship programs are industry-driven and are voluntarily sponsored by employers, industry associations and labor management association.  Apprentices receive on-the-job training and related instruction, resulting in a national certification.

Plumbing Apprenticeship Training Program

Sponsored by the South Dakota Association PHCC

plumbing apprenticeship programStudents of this program must be employed and sponsored by a plumbing company to be eligible for this program.  The sponsoring company must be a member of the South Dakota Association PHCC.

 The course provides classroom and lab instruction for individuals  currently employed at plumbing companies to complement concurrent on-the-job work experience.

  • Classroom/Lab: 144 hours per year (August-May)
  • On-the Job Training:  8,000 hours

For more information or to register,
contact the Corporate Education Center at 605-718-2410.